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Stuff – literally – is bringing me down!

Organization is not my strong point.  Couple that with two kids under the age of six and a rather small house for a family of four, it can really be hard to stay organized.  This lack of organization can really get in the way of getting things done and in reaching my goals in life.  So, this weekend I tried to get a little more organized, by making the basement into my workshop.  It is still a work in progress.

I am going to share (as embarrassing as it is) some of the before pictures with you.

Can this be organized in a meaningful way?

This is the space I will use for the workshop!

After shots will be coming soon!  What is bringing you down?  What is standing in the way of your dreams or your creative expression?


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Sunday Afternoon Art Making . . .


Eliott's Fish Collage


Eliott came down with something over the weekend — fever during the night and moving slower during the day.  (Poor little guy!)  But, it was a good excuse to take it easy and make stuff on Sunday!  I did a few sketches for ideas for painting the tree house.  Eliott made a paper fish collage and some of his own tree house drawings.


Eliott's design sketch for on tree house.



"The Monster Guy"


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And the beat goes on . . .

Sorry for my absence from my blog.  I promise to be better and to stay on track.  Here are a few updates:

  • June – I taught a two-week enrichment course to children in second-fourth grade.  We made puppets, masks, scenery, rehearsed, and performed “Where the Wild Things Are.”
  • June – I took a week-long intensive puppet making workshop at the Owl Glass Puppetry Center in West Liberty.  Monica Leo is the best!
  • August – performed a Batman puppet show at Eliott’s five year old Batman birthday party.
  • September – Started two new jobs.  Supervising art education student teachers as a graduate assistant and teaching elementary art at a private school.
  • September – performed “Bony Legs” at the Children’s Festival in West Liberty.

Goals for the new school year:

  • Have fun and make time to make art and work on puppetry.
  • Make more art with my kiddos.
  • Try to book a performance every month or two.
  • Survive teaching elementary art!
  • Paint the tree house – we have already stained it.
  • Finish my master’s thesis on puppetry arts and education.
  • Make an art studio in the basement – get rid of junk in the basement.
  • Do a puppetry workshop or performance at Eliott’s school.
  • Work on some pieces related to “Bony Legs”/fairy tales for the Art Ed. Graduate Show.
  • Spend more time crafting with my Crafternoon sisters.

Whew!  That’s a list.  We’ll see what I get through. . .


Performing "Bony Legs" at the Children's Festival in West Liberty. (Photograph by Ben Lewis)



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