Books . . .

Last semester I took Book Binding I through the University of Iowa Center for the Book .  What an amazing experience  – excellent instructor, supportive work environment, and talented, interesting students!  The fruits of my labor (besides the ones I gave away) are posted here.


Coptic Binding

Coptic and Case Bindings

Long Stitch



Box for my grandma’s German/English dictionary

Book binding requires great attention to detail (not always my strong point) and lots of uninterrupted time to focus on the work.  So, carving out enough time to get things done with two little gumbos underfoot was a little tricky at times.  Every now and then in a mad dash to get things done under deadline, I would work with the kids around.  As you might imagine, they took a real interest in the “book finding,” as Eliott called it.

Vicariously, and with some encouragement from Mom, Eliott became a little “book finder.”  Here’s some of his creations.  (We gave him the robot box full of blank books and supplies for Christmas.  The coptic-bound robot book is huge- filling it is ongoing.  I love it!)

Enough said!

Coptic Robot Book

Here’s some of Eliott’s fabulous pictures from his books.  Of course there’s lots of elaborate narrative that goes along with them. . .

Transcribed by Daddy

This robot is named Eliott.

Portrait of Daddy



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2 responses to “Books . . .

  1. Dawn

    It is really cool to see how the books covered in origami paper turned out! All of your books are beautiful. Love Eliott’s box!!

  2. Rachel Williams

    WOw I love the books you shared. I can imagine how much work you did. I also love the idea of Elliot’s book and the transcriptions of stories. How could that become a research tool that you incorporate into your work? Could you perhaps combine the idea of narrative book “finding” with puppets? Hmmmm……

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