Welcome to My Maus Haus! The name of my blog is inspired by a toy “mouse house” created by my friend and mentor, Monica Leo. Once I had children of my own, Monica gave me the mouse house. It continues to be a source of inspiration, imagination, and creativity for myself and my children.

I am a grad-school-mama of a four-year-old, Eliott, and a soon to be two-year old, Thisbe. In September 2009, I left my job as Outreach Coordinator for The University of Iowa International Programs, to be home with my kids, to finish a MA in Art Education, and to try to live a more creative and fulfilling life.

I am curious about intersections between art and culture, and have dabbled in attempts in language and culture learning through puppetry. Here’s a clip from last summer’s Bunraku Japanese Puppet Camp:

I consider myself an amatuer puppeteer, and have started a tradition of staging a puppet show for one of my kids’ birthday parties. Hansel and Gretel is up this Saturday.

Questions I am grappling with: Now what? Where will this puppet stuff take me? Am I crazy?


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